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  • Will my trimmer be too small to run two cords at the same time?

    Some line trimmers are able to run up to 4 cords [8 cutting lines] at the one time. The MAJORITY of trimmers have no problems what so ever running 2 cords [4 cutting lines] at the same time, but please refer to the recommended line usage instructions supplied with your product for more details. Depending on the areas you are cutting should dictate the amount of cord you use. We recommend using 2 x 2.4mm cord through the one hole of the Littl' Juey head when cutting around concrete edges
  • What am I doing wrong if the nylon cord breaks after 5 minutes of use?

    Try using 2 x 2.4mm nylon strips through the one hole of the Littl Juey head. These nylon strips are flexible and by putting the two strips through the one hole you also get more durability. Also always ensure you cut from the top down as pushing the Littl' Juey head into the bottom of the long grass will put unnecessary pressure on the nylon strips.
  • What thickness of nylon should I use with the Littl' Juey Electric Line Trimmer?

    The Littl' Juey Electric Line Trimmer comes with a tube of 2.4mm nylon. You should only use one strip of this nylon at any one time. You can also buy and use Littl' Juey 1.5mm Nylon cord with this machine. Two strips of the 1.5mm nylon cord can be used at any one time either through one hole of the Littl' Juey head or one cord threaded through each of the holes in the Littl' Juey head
  • How many Littl' Juey Reload Clips do I need?

    You will need 2 x reload clips to secure 1 tube of Littl' Juey nylon cord to your machine, keeping your nylon cord on hand at all times to ensure quick and easy reloading.