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Your high performance Littl' Juey cutting head consists of two parts that assemble together within seconds to contain pre-cut strips of cutting line. The parts fasten together on a large thread which enables the top part of the head to be easily adjusted 90 degrees for insertion of new reloads; rotation of the trimmer head tightens the strips of line within the assembly during use.

The Littl' Juey cutting head has been designed to accommodate two strips (one strips per slot) which equates to four 125mm cutting blades as opposed to the standard two in traditional machines. This simple method of line reloading means that Littl' Juey is more effective for heavy duty use.

How it works How it works How it works

Unscrew Top of Cutting Head Insert Littl' Juey Reload Line Tighten Cutting Head

Your Littl' Juey cuts better because the patented cutting head has been designed to accommodate two cutting strips as opposed to one, making Littl' Juey more effective for heavy duty use.

5 Tips For Trimming Like A Pro

1. Only use the tips of your Littl' Juey nylon reloads to cut grass, avoid pushing the Littl' Juey into the ground

2. When cutting around concrete edges, fences, posts or wire, double up your Combat2.4 reloads, 2 strips through the same way

3. Keep Littl' Juey reloads moist by adding water into the tubes, this will avoid them becoming brittle, and store them in a cool place.

4. Avoid over reving your machine when cutting grass edges

5. Always use saftey equipment when using your machine


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