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Rollover the images to see inside existing and Littl' Juey heads

Existing heads

Traditional Spool Method

Existing devices all work with continuous nylon line wound onto a spool which is located in the head of the appliance. The temperature and humidity in the head of a line trimmer fluctuates during use due to heat generated by the motor, friction from the revolving blade, and from moisture drawn from the cut grass. Nylon is hydroscopic which means its physical properties vary as the relative humidity changes. Enclosing a spool of nylon completely inside the head of the line trimmer exposes it to rapid changes in temperature and results in contraction or expansion of the nylon line. This makes it extremely brittle, causing it to break easily even with light use, which basically leads to widespread frustration to you.


Existing heads

The Littl' Juey Method

Littl' Juey cutting technology is a novel system that does not store a spool in the head of the device like other products where it becomes brittle. Littl Juey is a fast reloadable cutting system of tangle free cutting line which increases the durability and performance of your line trimmer. No springs, no clips and no catches.
Your Littl' Juey lasts longer because each line remains straight and relaxed so it does not become brittle and snap easily.