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Littl' Juey is a Fantastic Product

 I Just wanted to let you know that I installed the Little Juey strimmer head you kindly sold myself at the Royal Highland Show for the purpose of strimming and clearing thistles,  Docks and heavy undergrowth around a new property we purchased.  We loaded it with the heavy black twisted nylon x 2 and went for it!  It was only on a new Echo 22cc strimmer with a straight shaft:- and it cut its way through the heavy and lush undergrowth like Jerome Kaynoe through the English Test Back Line…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes a 22cc strimmer perform like a 46cc strimmer (but with a lot less fuel, noise and vibration) My son was also strimming with a standard nylon spool head with auto feed on the same type of machine, and as you stated he spent more time playing with the head and nylon feed than working and clearing the plot! “The Little Juey is a fantastic product and will recommend it whenever I have the chance”

Ian Thomson, Scotland - July 2014

Well Pleased with Combats

"Combats" arrived this morning - and have already been put to use - on long thick wet grass (yes we know you shouldn't strim wet grass but we've had so much rain this past week or so and desperately need to cut and fence additional areas of grass for my ducks and chickens - they quickly turn grass to mud so need more space) and Peter is well pleased with "Combats".  Many thanks for your excellent "customer service" it really has been a pleasure to do business with you.  And feel free to quote me on your website/in any advertising etc.

Angie Chilcott, South Gloucestershire, England - November 2013

What a Brilliant Product
What a brilliant product. I bought the complete line trimmer from The Shopping Channel over two weeks ago but only plucked up the courage to use it yesterday because of the extremely annoying experiences I'd had with the last two line trimmers I'd owned that were always jamming & with the new twin line spools were impossible to rewind yourself.  As my lawn had got beyond the capabilities of my lawn mower I used your Littl' Juey. It was fantastic & as the line isn't feeding out I still have what I started with. It went through the grass like a hot knife through butter. I don't have a particularly large lawn but I got half of it down to where the mower could handle it within 15 minutes. I'm very pleased to have bought it. 
Neville Keatinge, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand - October 2013
Simply Amazing
There is no doubt your littljuey head and the four cutting lines at least doubles the previous cutting performance of my brush cutter. Only one  change of the easily fitted cutting lines in 6 hours of cutting goat weed etc from under fences and from around trees, Simply amazing.  You can use this reply as a testimonial for your "littljuey"I recommend your system as the best I have seen or used. My son, a former grounds man was also amazed with the extra performance of your system.
Barry Minter, Samford, Queensland, Australia - August 2013
OMG I Love The Littl' Juey
Hi, I'm Paul and I've got to tell you, OMG I love the Littl' Juey.  I bought a new straight shaft snipper a year ago and have just used the bump head till the other day.  I've had the Littl' Jjuey for some time now but haven't used it till now.  I put it on to see if it lived up to expectations.  OMG, did it ever.  I just did a large area of very thick and dense weedy grass in half the time, used about a third less fuel and only the original line that came with it and it will last longer yet.  I'd have used at least ten times the line with the bump head.  I had to keep stopping to see how much line i had left and its only so far used about 1 1/2 inches of line to do the whole bloody job, un-real.  Littl' Juey is all i'll use from now on.  It may cost a bit at first but in the long run it will out do and be cheaper by far.  thanx for a great product.
Paul Redfern, Australia - April 2012
Super Impressed
I bought one of your trimmer heads for use commercially and found it excellent for a number of reasons. It allows me to use up lots of trimmer line scraps I have lying around from my other machines, it is quick and easy to change the line and I can load the line in different ways depending on the type of material I'm cutting. Super impressed, cant wait to see your next new products!!!
Lance Millwood, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand - April 2012
Fantastic Product
I have been a garden maintenance contractor for 6 years.  I have used your cutting head exclusively and will continue to do so, it is a fantastic product.  Congratulations on producing a brilliant product that is simple to use and does an effortless job everytime.  I was impressed when I first tried it (which was initially shown to me by a friend) and certainly with the work that I do with my brushcutters week in and week out stands up to almost anything.  My main brushcutter is a high performance Shingu SR3101, and with the Littl Juey head, its all I use - very rarely do I need to install the blade on the machine for heavier work.  I usually use 3.3mm commercial duty trimmer line. 
Paul Ellis - Get That Job Done!, Adelaide, SA, Australia - March 2012
Best Money Spent On An Accessory Ever!
Just a quick note to let you know how fantastic the Littl' Juey is.  It is probably the best money I have spent on an accessory ever!  The ease of fitting, the ease of reloading cord and strength of the cord is brilliant. It took me about a third less time to do my area than normal and about half the cord. This style of fitting should be on every power trimmer that is produced. Well done on the production of a sensational attachment 
Brendan, Packenham, VIC, Australia - March 2012
Delighted WIth Its Performance
I purchased the last Littl Juey Electric Line Trimmer off the floor from Bunnings Berleigh Heads.  I am delighted with its performance, which far surpasses any line trimmers I have previously bought. 
Trevor Ebert, Robina, QLD, Australia - February 2012
YES, An Excellent Product
Thank you so much for the link showing me how to change the line.  I have to say it is wonderfully simple. I am a 70 year old retired lady well. retired from paid employment and my Littl Juey is making life a lot easier around the horse paddocks.  I will be certainly recommending it to my friends for not only performance but simplicity of use.  Thank you YES an excellent product. 
Angie Taylor, New Zealand - January 2012
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
I live on a river which has long grass and all types of growth.  I have just bought a Littl Juey.  I as fed up with the old system.  I was fed up with having to free the line (which had welded itself together).  After a few minutes work and looking for the spring which had dropped into the long grass.  I even took it to a repair shop to see if it could be changed.  No Luck.  Having purhcased a Littl Juey I have had no problems which means no stress.  Its the best thing since sliced bread.  The job which took an hour was done in 15 minutes.  Thanks for a great product!.
Lance Marr, New Zealand - December 2011
Oh So Simple
 I purchased an attachment for our brushcutter on your recommendation......I’ve gotta tell you.....I am impressed!  My husband fitted it and I tested it out last’s terrific and oh so simple!
Kerry Herbison, Geelong, Vic, Australia - November 2011
It's My Best Friend
I don’t know why these units don’t come standard on EVERY line trimmer.  We have an acre of garden on our property at Narrabri and it is my best friend!!!! 
Marion MacLeod, Claremont, NSW, Australia - October 2011
Brilliant Product
Just thought I would let you know I purchased your product this weekend and it is the best piece of equipment in my shed now. Absolutely “BRILLIANT” After many years battling with the cord in the line trimmer I went along to Bunning’s with the thought there “may be” a product there that will solve the never ending frustrations felt with the current system of line feeder trimmers. And yes to my absolute relief I found Littl’ Juey. Got it home and it worked beyond my expectations and I will be telling anyone about it who wants to listen brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, just “WONDERFUL” thank you to whoever came up with this invention you’re a genius.
Timothy Milroy, Ferntree Gully, VIC, Australia - May 2011
This thing is great!
This thing is great!  I trimmed the entire back and front yards on three line changes whereas with my old trimmer head I’d make upwards of ten changes, most of them due to line breakages.  There were no line breakages with the Littl' Juey.  Thanks for a great product!.
Nathan Smith, Mackay, QLD, Australia - March 2011
Good work out with extremely pleasing results
I received and fitted the "littl juey" and gave it a brief trial. Over the weekend I gave it a good workout with extremely pleasing results. Trimmed the nature strip, around the front lawn and also the back. All in one go without stopping, and in about a third of the time and without the frustration of having to rethread the nylon when it broke off or jammed. You certainly have another very happy customer. job.
Terry West, Australia - March 2011
You little beauty!
Today I bought one of your gadgets for a bent shaft head.  Then I fitted it to my Pope - Model No. 101PLT25D.  It works like a charm.  Replacing line is now a lot a easier.  I couldn't chase up an original replacement.  Then I went back and bought another for my Electrox weed-eater because it had broken a clip inside.  Now I have two weed-eaters that are running beautifully.
Arohanui - Tutu, New Zealand - February 2011
Happy owner of 2 Littl' Juey's

I am the happy owner of two Littl’ Juey’s.  I had become frustrated with the conventional spooling-type grass trimmers and was looking for something simpler.   My wife and I were browsing at a trade show and saw the Littl’ Juey. It was simple and appeared well constructed. However there are always doubts in your mind when you buy at a trade show. Does it perform as well as the man says? How long will it last?  What happens if it breaks and what will the support be like? We bought one and thought we would give it a go.  It was a great decision.   It didn’t take long to get the hang of a new concept and it went really well.  It has lots of power for normal domestic situations, it cuts clean and it is light to use. My daughter borrowed the littl’ juey for her property and it did not come back. I was forced to resort to the conventional spooling weed-cutter again. It wasn’t long before I was on the internet ordering my second littl’ juey. If there have ever been issues or information required the support has been prompt and efficient. The Littl’ Juey is one of those success stories that you do want to tell your friends about.                          Wayne, Wellington New Zealand - January 2011

He was right - it is a fantastic product
I bought a Littl' Juey yesterday at Mitre 10 Mega on the advice of the sales assistant.  He was right - it is a fantastic product.  So easy to use and replace the line and it does a fantastic job.
Isobel King, New Zealand - November 2010
Replacing the line is an absolute pleasure
I thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed I am with the Littl' Juey Electric Line Trimmer.  It handles thick grass really well and the ease of replacing the line is an absolute pleasure.  In fact I would buy it again just for that. I am also most surprised at how well the edge trimmer feature works. It certainly has been one of the better purchases I have made.
Mike Vida, Christchurch, New Zealand - October 2010
It works exceptionally well
I wish to thank you for your assistance today 8/10/2010, in exchanging the head I purchased in Elmore.
It works exceptionally well and cut about 1/4 of an acre of grass with no-problems. Still have the same pieces of cord started with amazing. thank you all
Phil Heritage, Bendigo, Australia - October 2010
The Best product on the market!
I also want to let you know that I am a professional lawn contractor and gardener and have found your product to be the best product on the market without equal. It's simple but great little invention. Thanks
George, Australia - September 2010
Mate what a great product!
Bought a Littl' Juey bent line head from Bunnings last week and fitted it to a Ryobi electric unit. Mate, what a great product! I've had three or four trimmers in my time and the auto-feeding spools have always been a problem (no, scub that, they NEVER worked). Using the Littl Juey over the last few days has been a joy! Bust a line, upend the trimmer, bug in a pre-cut strip, and off you go in a matter of seconds! Just great. Would recommend that you upgrade the printed packaging to really emphasis to owners the benefit of accessing as the info there (multiple line etc) is really useful.
Tx again for a great product
Patrick, Illawon, Sydney, Australia - September 2010
Little Beautie!
I received my Littl' Juey, it should be called the little beautie.  So easy to use.  Thanks Paul
Paul, Christchurch, New Zealand - March 2010
I tried it out today and it is AWESOME!!
I was at the Auckland boat show on Saturday and saw your product. I hummed and hared but got one.
I tried it out today and it is AWESOME!! Easy to fit and great to use. Well done you guys. Weed eating is a very satisfying thing for a bloke to do. Your cutting head makes it easier as you can go for longer. You prolong and enhance the pleasure.
A very happy bloke
Bruce McDonald, New Zealand - May 2009
Littl' Juey is a simple remedy for a problem that has bugged many a homeowner
The Littl' Juey line replacement system has been nominated for a "Best" Award.
The Littl' Juey is a Kiwi-made replacement head for weed whackers. It makes changing the plastic cutting-line a breeze when it inevitably wears down. Respooling a standard head requires you to wind-on metres of line onto a fiddly spool. The Littl' Juey system comes complete with 350mm nylon replacement lines that you simply clamp in place in the cutting head.
The Littl' Juey is a simple remedy for a problem that has bugged many a homeowner. Best of all – it improved the cutting performance of high-powered petrol line-trimmers.
Luke Harrison, Research Writer,, - November 2008
We would definitely recommend it to others
We have now received our Littl' Juey weedcutting head and my husband used it on Sunday and is impressed with its performance. We would definitely recommend it to others.
Mrs L James, Lower Hutt, New Zealand - September 2008
For the first time I was able to snip without changing the line all the time!!
No problem Frank! I just figured it out. Dead simple and it does fit on the machine beautifully. At last something that actually does what it says it can do. For the first time I was able to snip without changing the line all the time!!
Thanks. Well worth the money.
Michael, New Zealand - August 2008
I can assure you, I'm one very happy man!
Text1Gees what a difference, mate it just ploughed through a good thick overgrown lawn, very easy to say the least! Almost a good hour of trimming and only two rods used, very well used at the end of it. I will definitely be keeping the Littl' Juey. Cheers mate and thanks for your advice!
Mark Mckenna, New Zealand - November 2007
This is one of the best things I have seen for years!
This is one of the best things I have seen for years! I used to hate having to change the line on my old weed eater head as it was a real hassle, and often the auto feed didn't work either. The line always managed to break just inside the feed hole.
I have taped a tube of the lines to the shaft of my machine, so that they are always at hand. No tools needed instant change and back to work. Congratulations on your inventiveness.
Richard Morgan, New Zealand - August 2007
Another aspect of the Little Juey that impressed me was the backup service
I've now been using the 4 cable Little Juey weedcutting head for about a month and am pleased to report that I've had extremely good results.. The Littl' Juey head has a life expectance of about 2 - 3 years and has no moving parts to wear out. It will take the lighter 2.4mm cable or a 3.2mm cable.
The results of the 4 wires has been excellent, the horizontal gives a very smooth finish and the vertical cuts through thick Ky without any problems. Using the thicker cable gives the vertical almost the efficiency of a metal edging system, definitely a lot easier and better than the lighter cable.
Each load takes about 15-20 seconds to install, cables can be purchased pre cut or cut to length by the operator. I generally get 2.5 to 3 yards from each load and carry a couple of spares in my pocket to change over at anytime. I believe that I can achieve better results in 25-50% less time.
Another aspect of the Little Juey that impressed me was the backup service. When I contact the supplier over the net about a problem I was having with the unit I was contacted by the Adelaide Office within 2 working hours and a very satisfactory solution was provided.
I shall be staying with this system from now on. No more manual loads our tappng the ground every 5 or so minutes, no more battling with light cables. Am I impressed and can I recommend these units - YES!
Chris Dally, Jims Mowing Glenelg South, New Zealand - May 2007
It flew through a 40 minute job in about 15 minutes
Just a quick note to give you feedback on the product. It is fantastic! After I fitted it the weed eater sat for a while until the grass got long enough for me to start the thing up. It flew through a 40 minute job in about 15 minutes and didn't even have to change the reload (like I did when i had the old end on - about 4 times).
So much for the dealer telling me not to fit it as it could damage my machine etc etc etc. I found the machine ran freer! I will keep your card and email as no doubt will get another one when this one wears out.A great product.
Doug Glazebrook, New Zealand - July 2006
Good work out with extremely pleasing results
I received and fitted the "littl juey" and gave it a brief trial. Over the weekend I gave it a good workout with extremely pleasing results. Trimmed the nature strip, around the front lawn and also the back. All in one go without stopping, and in about a third of the time and without the frustration of having to rethread the nylon when it broke off or jammed. You certainly have another very happy customer. job.

Terry West, Australia - March 2011


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